Competition Season……Are you ready?

Thistle and Heather Highland Dancers Competition Season……Are you ready?

There are a few competitions left this year!  Are you ready?

What does it mean to be ready?  Week after week in class, the teachers give “corrections”.  Corrections are things you can do to make your dancing better.  Sometimes they are small corrections and sometimes they are large corrections.  What have you done with those corrections?  Do you get the same corrections every week?  Why?

Have you set any goals for yourself for this year?  Are they realistic?  Do they relate to your weekly corrections?  You should have short term and long term goals.  Short term goals may be to get through the fling without looking down, or getting through a new dance without stopping!  Long term goals may be to move up from Beginner to Novice during the season.

We’d like to give you an individual challenge and what we hope is a healthy way to approach the remaining competitions this year and beyond.  Base your success only on YOUR performance!  How did YOU dance?  Did YOU do the best you could?  Did you really try your hardest?  Was your short term goal to point stronger or elevate more?  Did YOU accomplish that goal?  Be realistic!  No sugar coating on your evaluation of your performance   Can you control how well the others in your group will do?  Can you control the score the judge will give you?  Can you control the speed the piper plays?  What is the only thing YOU can control?  YOUR dancing!  Go out there every time and dance YOUR best!  Give 100% every time you get on the platform!

Every one of you has started in a different place, with different strengths and different weaknesses.  DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, compare yourself to anyone but yourself!  If your results are not what you hoped for this time, what can YOU do to improve YOUR dancing for next time?    What can you do in class?    What can you do with the corrections you receive?  Do you want different corrections?  The answer to that one is easy…..fix the corrections you have already been given!

Do you know that we as your teachers are able to SEE effort?  We LOVE seeing effort!  We LOVE watching your dancing improve!  We LOVE watching your self-confidence rise with the effort!  We LOVE when you embrace the challenges we set before you!  We LOVE teaching and we LOVE when you perform to the best of your ability!  We LOVE when we can get you to dance “outside your box”!

So, as we look forward to the next competition, be the BEST dancer YOU can be!  Practice being a gracious winner and a gracious loser.  Both can be hard to do!    If you do well, PRACTICE!  If you don’t do as well as you’d like, PRACTICE!  Become a stronger dancer.  Make us give you new corrections and take you to the next level.    Work with us, not against us!

ATTITUDE makes a big difference!   Accept new CHALLENGES!  STRIVE to improve on basic movements.  LISTEN to what we have to say!