Hear and Their……

The new school/dance year brings excitement, opportunities, challenges as everyone returns to classes. There are many changes for our dancers this year as Annika, Fiona, Leanna, Louisa and Sara head off to college. Jenny, Estefani, and Melanie enter high school, Elliot, Kaia, Samantha Grace and Madeleine start kindergarten. Some are moving to middle school or junior high buildings, while others are just changing teachers for more classes in the same school. We send Arbie, Erin and Annie back to college after enjoying the summer with them! Former dancer Abby is getting married on September 7, and former dancer, now associate teacher, Jessi just had a baby girl. It was a wonderful surprise to have Molly drop in at class on her quick visit back to Chicago from Alberta, Canada on Wednesday evening. We welcome new friends into the THHD family and will miss those that have decided to take a break.

College Send Off!

College Send Off!

We have done a lot this past year and have a lot of opportunities already on the calendar for this upcoming year. The majority of engagements are OPEN to dancers of all levels. Please take advantage of the wide variety of parades, shows, competitions, performances, exhibitions, workshops, etc. that are available! The Thistle & Heather Highland Dancers do their best at promoting Scottish Highland Dancing whenever the opportunity arises! Not all engagements will be suitable for all dancers, but we encourage you to participate in as many as you can. Browse through the photos in the gallery to catch a glimpse of some of the enjoyable events of this past year!



Summer highlights include dancing for the opening of “Brigadoon” at the Goodman, as well as seeing “Brigadoon”, (with 125 dance related friends the first time and 35 dance related friends the second time) dancing with the McNulty Irish Dancers at Ballydoyle Downers Grove and again at Fox Valley Irish Fest in Aurora, performing live with “Skerryvore” at Martyrs in Chicago, and of course dancing at the Scottish Home Picnic.

Skerryvore adventure 1

“Skerryvore” Concert