“Life Skills”

Many of you have heard me say at least once if not multiple times during class – “This is a life skill!”  This is often met with looks of confusion, eye rolling, blank stares, etc. as the dancers really have no idea what I’m talking about!  They have not yet had the opportunity to experience this “life skill” in real life! 

I have several phrases that I use with regularity that can be lumped into the category of “life skills”.   Two of them rise to the top…..”stand up straight” and “stand with your feet in first or third for photos”.  Both have a great deal of value in the real world and they are often tied together…..”stand up straight with your feet in first or third”!  My mother was a model and taught charm school classes at the YWCA.  I remember as a child having young women in our living room walking back and forth with a book on their head – practicing correct posture!  This along with “always feel the edge of the chair with your calves before you sit down” seemed like very sound advice.  In case you are wondering about that last piece of advice, it allows you to make sure there is indeed a chair behind you so that you don’t sit on the floor by mistake if someone has pulled the chair our for you or out from underneath you!  It also allows you to sit down in a “ladylike” fashion.  I haven’t had much occasion to use that one, but feel free to use it at home if the need every arises.

I received this message on Facebook on 1/15 from Crystal Clanton…”Funny story… I was meeting with some people for work this morning and someone mentioned that I have good posture unlike most young people. You always said it would be a life skill! It’s funny how things come full circle…”  Crystal is now a sophomore in college at Marquette University in Milwaukee, and is from Gurnee.  I replied that she had just made my day and asked if I could share this story!

Don’t be afraid to stand up straight and tall, even when those around you are slouching!  People DO notice!  Oh yes, and be sure your feet are in first or third in photos….when you look back at photos, you will be glad you did!